Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Life has been well....Crazy(part 2)

Ok so i used the same title..whatever i dont have time to come up with a better one. I am in the downward swing though:) i took my first final monday along with my last chem test before the final:) i cant wait for the next two weeks to be over and summer to start:)
I havent heard back yet on whether i got the NPS job or not. If you guys hadnt guessed yet by me not posting about it i feel like the interview could have gone alot better. but according to all of my references they think i got the i will have to wait and see. there are some good benifiets of getting it and some good ones for not getting it so i will be happy either way. If i get it i dont think i will be able to go down to anchorage to see courtnie and jere adn the baby after finals cause they want me to start full time asap. so part of me is hopeing that i dont get it just cuase of that, esp now that leah and i have kinda decided that we arent going to go on that Kyaking trip, although if i dont get the job i would still really love to take the class with her so we will have to talk about it depending on that. but it i do get it i think it would be an awesome job, and give me some good experience plus 15$ an hour isnt bad money...and i would really like to get some extra cash this summer to help build up my savings again.
Esp sense the last two weeks at work have kinda hours are all screwy and then these guys came in yesterday to put in a new sprinkler system so the lab was all crowded and everything was moved around so i ended up only getting to work for about an hour and a half before i gave up and left...although i did get alot of school work done... today i just made them work around me but the sample that i grab is hellish and is going to take me forever and a day to if i get the job with the parks service it might suck cuase then i will have to rush through it..or leave it for Galina which i dont want to do. I will feel bad if i just have to up and leave when they call, although my boss said he is totally cool with it and according to Aaron ( the other guy in the lab not V;s bf) he is ok with it cause Galina and i are burrining him in samples cause we go through them so maybe i shouldnt feel bad...well i better head to chem...JOY....:(

Monday, April 17, 2006

Is it possible to have senioritis before you are actually a senior?ah im too tired too even write...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wasting time before chem

Ok so today is turning into a much better day than yesterday, i was dragging all day. I have a very busy day today too so it is a good thing that i got some more sleep last night. so i went to work this morning, i should finish the last bit of samples that Cassie has for me by friday adn then i will start working with Bruce untill finals week adn then after finals week hopefully i will start my new job:) I have gotten 3 emails now from the national parks service, the latest one being from the lady who does the interviewing and she would like me to call her if i have any questions becuase she has gotten my application...i think i will call her just so that she becomes familar with who i am becuase in one of my classes we learned that people will vote or pick somone whose name sounds familar to them even if they dont know who the person is so i figure the more they see my name, hear my voice or have to look at my application the more familar i will seem to them and the more likely that they will want to interview me adn then after the interview if it comes down to me and another person they might pick me cause i was so interested....its a diabolical plan i know but i am also curious to see if it works...hehehe i figure it is worth a shot.
There is only about three weeks left in school adn i am so excited! i cant wait for it to be over. after chemistry today i have an appointment with my advisor, then another meeting with my Psychology grad student then i am going to call CDE and set up my final for Comm 300 for next week on hopefully friday maybe earlier cause i plan on doing my paper this weekend and then all i have is the fianl and i just want to get it done. then i think i will call the national parks service if i have time, then i will get my stuff together for when Micheal gets off work because we are going swimming with Gabe and his gf, Kaylee. Apparently she really likes me because i am the only person that he knows other than Micheal who is nice to her. I cant imagine how his family treats her, they have practically disowned him becuase he is with her and wont leave her cause she is pregant...his mom doesnt like her becuase "she has no class..." i couldnt believe that she disowned her own son...and a grand baby....but hey its not my life and maybe there is something else that i dont know becuase i am not friends with them or part of the family (TG)
well i got ten min before class adn this is my last break untill after my meeting with the psych grad student so i better head down to class. I will let everyone know how the National Park Service stuff goes:)
OH and V-i am sorry i didnt tell you, for some reason i thought that i told you about it right after Cassie told me about the job but you might have already left for anchorage...wait no i did tell you i left a message on your blog like a second after i had turned in my application online cause i was so excited adn i was bursting at the seems to tell somone...or are you talking about J&L? cause i didnt say anything about them cause its still not for sure untill i know abotu the national park service job...but i am sorry anyway LL

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Great...another wonderful day ahead

So have you ever woken up and just known that it was going to be one of those days? Well mine started last night when my cat wouldnt shut up, she kept meowing to the point i was about to throw her in the dog yard with Duke and Jez....She has never pissed me off that much, infact i am still mad at her today cuase i know that while she kept me up all night she is going to sleep all day...i want to go home and just stand there poking her everytime she drifts off...oh and then i tried to cuddle with her to get her to be quiet cause sometimes all she wants is attention and if i let her lay with me she calms down...NOPE instead she clawed the shit out of my fact i am pretty sure i need new sheets cause she made me bleed but i was too exhausted to get up and try to find a then i woke up this morning dog tired and knowing that i have a test in Psych so i really should have gotten more sleep....but i got ready, even started my truck ahead of time to help melt the snow...then i whent to work...i got all the way up here and got out, pulled the seat forward to grab my back pack and realized that i left it at home...this is really shitty cause i get off work at 11 and the test is at 11:30 and i cant take the test without my test sheets that oh guess what are in my like a freaking genious i tell i called the house and talked to my half asleep mom and am really hoping that sh ewas awake enough to remember to have my dad bring my bag up here...i guess i will know by 8:30 or so and if he isnt here i will just have to leave work early...I cant wait for this semester to be over....
Oh on a good note i got the job at J&L but i also talked to them cause i have applied for a job with the national parks service and they said that they completely understand that if i get that job i wont be working for them, but if i want it i have it:) good i ended with a smile.

Friday, April 07, 2006

So i finally got ahold of J&L properties and i have an interview on monday. I am still trying not to get sick, which getting more than 3 -5 hours of sleep might help but i can afford that right now. i just feel so busy....i only have maybe 6 more days worth of work to do at my job too, and if i work hard then it might be less...part of me just wants to finish it all as fast as i can and be done with it and then actually get to sleep more cause i wont have to get up at 5:30am after being up till 12-1 but at the same time i know that its going to really suck not getting paid for a month....i really dont want to have to dip into the money that i have been saving so i probably wont be going out or anything untill this summer after i get my first paycheck....also i want to go to anchorage after finals so i really cant be spending alot if i want to have enought to go adn see jere and court again.
Also Leah if you are reading this this part is for you- the reason that i asked for 12 at J&L wasnt to piss you off and i really hope you ment it when you said you arent mad at me, i am just thinking about school adn the fact that my scholarship ends really soon so i need to save up as much money as i can now in order to pay for all the expenses that my scholarship normally pays for. I dont know that they will even give me that much either, i wouldnt be suprised if they started me at 10. Pretty much i just need a job this summer that hopefully adn perferable pays more than i get now and working there i get an extra perk-i get to work with you.
well i better get to counting bugs...i hope i can bang out two samples today...then i have 5 left:)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Arg...i think i am getting sick...again

So i woke up this morning with a sore throat and i dont think it was becuase of sleeping with my mounth open cause i barely slept at all last night....i kept getting too hot then too cold and then when i felt just right my cat started makeing a ruckus. Ash came over yesterday cause Jon was going somewhere and she really wanted somone to hang out we went for a walk and then to dinner with my parents but Ash is really sick right her throat is swollen bad...i think she has strep wich would really suck if i caught that from her cause i havent had strep in like 5 years and i would prefer to keep it that way.
then on the Job front: I am slowly dwindleing away at what work i have left at work adn will probably finish it in the next couple weeks. the one place that i have applied at so far called me for an interview last week while i was in class but when i called back no one answered. i called again yesterday and no answer again. i am going to try today when i get off work. then there was another job that my dad told me about and introduced me to the grad student who was posting it and i emailed her my resume last week. she just email me this morning to tell me that the position had already been filled, wich sucked but she gave me the info for another job (which i think i would like more) so i think after class today i will get on my computer and apply for that one. it is doing feild work in some remote reseach sites just out of town. it would probably require weekends but at this point i am starting to think that i just need to make some money although it does only pay 9$/hr and i dont know if i could get off for the kyaking class that Leah and i wanted to take in august. I think i would in someways prefer the J&L job where its 8-5 M-F for 12$/hr just cause its more money for less that sounded really lazy huh? but its true...that and in the application for the feildwork job it stressed very heavily that they wanted somone with field experience in rough terrane in ALL weather conditions(which i dont have) and they want somone who can drive a boat and an ATV- which i am certain that i could...i just dont think i want to learn when 10 other people and a few thousand dollars in lab equipment is depneding on me, oh and they want someone to have a good understanding and idetification ability with borial plants....i think i got the trees down from ecology but i definatly dont remember any of the different plant species...well other than labrador tea...but i think i will still apply cause after the last couple days with J&L i am starting to wonder if i will get that job or not considering i have left 2 messages and they havent answered or called me back and Leah said that when she called htey called her a few hours later...
School is school- I finally got over my fear of looking like an idiot and went in to wast some of Dr kellers time yesterday...he made it pretty clear that he doesnt think that i understand organic chem enough to past this class which doesnt exactly give me a boost of confidence but i know that my dad is right in that if i am going to have to finish the semester i might as well at least try to pass...cause the final is multiple choice so who knows maybe i will get an awsome grade on the final and walk out of there with a C...Im almost done with my correspondence class too, i have a little over one more chapter to do, then i have to go back adn write this paper, that i dont want to write cause the book it was on is lame and i didnt read all of it, which i dont think i have too cause i am just supposed to take a concept from it that interested me and write a 5 page paper on it...hard part is finding a part that interested me other than putting it down...then all i got to do is sign up for the final and take it before the 27th:) actually i should praobably call to scedual that soon sents i dont know how far in advance i need to do that.
well i am going to get back to work, and call to schedual my final for that class when the place opens write again soon

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Life has been well....Crazy

Its that time of year again and life is getting crazy as school comes to an i dont have a ton of free time and what time i do have i have been spending with Micheal, V and Ash so i havent been online alot...that and life is getting too crazy right now that i dont want to write about it cause it would take too long if i was going to rant about all the stresses that are piling should see the list of stuff for homework that i have to do this weekend...its impossibly long....
Chem-Read chapter 11 and 12 (approx-250pages)
do online homework (takes a few hours to do)
do carboxylic acid deriv quizes(4 all together)
do anamine quizes (4)
do ch.12 online homework
do hyperchem project (normally takes about 3-6hrs)
Comm- read ch 11
do ch 11 quiz
ch11 essays
read ch 13
ch13 quiz
disscussion paper (supposed to be 800+ words, polished final draft)
sign up to take final in 1-2 weeks
psych read ch 11 in main text (200 some pages)
read some other chapter in other text ( i should probably look that up)
soc- i know i have to read something and then write somthing about it but i havent gotten to that point yet...i;m not even thinking about it yet...thats bad...

I feel knda guilty for going out with ash and v last night cause i know that i should have been doing all this homework but oh well, i really needed the break. I will post pics of feb 24th later too...they arent that great alot of them are the same but there are some really cute ones...